Viết theo cấu trúc câu gián tiếp – Một số động từ đặc biệt (Reported speech – special verbs)

Viết theo cấu trúc câu gián tiếp – Một số động từ đặc biệt (Reported speech – special verbs)

  • Offer (Đề nghị) / refuse (từ chối)/ promise (hứa) TO V
  • Advise (Khuyên)/   Warn (Khuyến cáo/ cảnh cáo) / + O + TO V
  • Suggest (Gợi ý) / Admit (Thừa nhận)/ Insist on (khăng khăng, nài nỉ)  + V-ING
  • Apologize (to sb) for V-ing: xin lỗi ai vì đã làm điều gì
  • Accuse sb of V-ing: Cáo buộc ai vì đã làm gì

Bài tập:

  1. “ I will bring the sandwiches to the party” said Helen.

Helen offered

Helen offered to bring the sandwiches to the party.
  1. “ Let’s all go to Lisbon!” they said.

They suggested going to Lisbon.
  1. “ You’d better leave that old flat, ” my mother told us.

My mother advised me to leave that old flat.
  1. “ Please let me go to Martin’s house!” Said Muriel three times.

Muriel insisted on going to Martin’s house.
  1. “ It was you and only you who stole the cake from the fridge” my mother told my sister.

My mother accused my sister of stealing the cake from the fridge.
  1. “I’m awful sorry, I will never again use your car without permission” she said almost crying.

She apologized for using my car without permission.
  1. “ Don’t cross the river, it’s full of crocodiles”

They warned me not to cross the river because it was full of crocodiles.
  1. “I’m sorry I’m late”

He apologized for being late.
  1. “ I think you’d better take the medicine” the doctor said.

The doctor advised me to take the medicine.
  1. “Let’s eat something and then go for a stroll” she said.

She suggested eating something before going for a stroll/ eating something and then going for a stroll.
  1. “ Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the drink”

He insisted on paying for the drink.
  1. “ Yes, it was me who ate all the cake”

She admitted eating all the cake.
  1. “Red wine is the best option for this dish”

The waiter advised me to choose red wine for that dish.
  1. “ Why don’t we go for a walk”?

She suggested going for a walk.
  1. “ Can you answer the phone? I’m having a shower. ”

He asked his son to answer the phone because he was having a shower.
  1. “ I gave you my homework last week. ”

The boy insisted on giving him/her homework the previous week/ the week before.
  1. “ Could you come and pick me up from school today, Dad?”

Bill asked his Dad to come and pick him up from school that day.
  1. “ If I were you, I wouldn’t drink so much”

He advised his friend not to drink so much.
  1. “ I won’t help you because you didn’t help me”

Joan refused to help him/her because he/she hadn’t helped her.
  1. “ I’ll bring it back tomorrow”

He promised to bring it back the following day/ the next day.