Luyện writing theo chủ đề (Phần 1)


Luyện tập viết luận tiếng anh theo chủ đề

I/ Viết thư hồi âm gửi tới bạn

Đề bài: You have just had a wonderful holiday staying with some English-speaking friends in the countryside. Write an e-mail to your friends. In your email, you should:

  • thank them for your stay
  • say what you most enjoyed about the countryside
  • suggest where you could meet each other next time

Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.

Bài tham khảo:

Hi there,

Thanks for your stay because I find this holiday interesting and I am really crazy about the countryside’s life. People and nature made me cozy and relaxed. Also, we had time to speak English together. So, I hope to invite all of you to visit my home tome in next month.

Looking forward to meeting you soon