Luyện speaking với một số chủ đề thường gặp (Phần 3)


III/Traffic and Transportation?

1/ What means of transportation do you like most? or What means of transportation is the most popular in your country?

Well, in my country, go to motorbike is one of the most popular means of transportation. And, I am interested in it. The reason is, it’s cheaper and more flexible than others.

2/ Have you had any traffic accident?

Well, in fact, I always face traffic accident when I am on the way. This is because, there are many motorbikes and cars in the rush hours, so most people seem to lost their clam and try to go home fast.

3/ In your view, what should we do to improve the public transports?

Well, for me, the public transports play an major role in transport network. Therefore, in my opinion, develop the metropolitan railway system is the best solution in order to improve our public transports, because it is more modern, safer and more environmentally-friendly than others like bus or BRT.