Luyện speaking với một số chủ đề thường gặp (Phần 2)


II/ Holidays & travels

1/ How often do you go on holiday?

Well, In fact I am usually excited about travelling on holiday. However, I am quite busy with work. So, I go on holiday, which lasts about 01 week, once a year.

2/ Where do you like to go on holiday?

Actually, The first place I would like to know is China. This country has a long history, interesting places to visit, friendly people, and especially the food seem extremely good. Since long time ago I wished to travel there and other asian countries such as Thailand or Japan.

3/ Who do you like to go with?

Well, of course it is my family. In fact, my wife and me are quite busy with work. So if we have a free-time as summer holiday, we usually take tickets to go to beach or beautiful places.

4/ What do you often do on the holiday?

well, let me think, there are such funny things when we have a holiday. Surely, going picnic with family is one of the priorities. If the holiday lasts one or two week such as summer holiday or Tet’s holiday, we already book tickets and plans one tour to best places such as Da nang beach.