Hanoi School of Business – HSB IN BRIEF

Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU)

Hanoi School of Business (HSB)


VNU Development

University of Indochina (1 May 1906) Vietnam National University (November 1945) University of Hanoi (June 1956).

Vietnam National University Hanoi In (December 1993)

3.311 faculty members (Professors, PhD, lecturers)

Full-time students: 21.806; Master and PhD students: 10.334

VNU Universities

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VNU University of Social Sciences & Humanities VNU University of Languages & International Studies VNU University of Engineering & Technology

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VNU Schools

Hanoi School of Business

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Established on 13th July 1995, having autonomous status. A Leading Business & Management School in Vietnam.

More than 12,000 alumni, many are vice ministers, officers, CEOs…

Annual Short Courses for thousands of corporate staff in Vietnam. Annual Elective Courses for hundreds of International Students. MiniMBA classes since 2000

IeMBA joint programs with Hawaii, N.W University (29 intakes from 1998-2014)

MBM (Ms. in Business Management), joint program with Ipag: 1st Intake in 2016.

MBA classes since 2000: 2 intakes annually

MNS: BSc., Ms., PhD. Programs on Management of Non-Traditional Security: 2014

MOTE: BSc., Ms., PhD. Programs on Management of Technology & Enterprise: 2017


By 2020 VNU-HSB will become a leading school in Vietnam and Asean for interdisciplinary research, consultancy and training on business and management, and by 2030 will become a reputable university of management in Asia for interdisciplinary training programs serving the goals of sustainable development.


VNU-HSB educates leaders, executives and professional managers for both public and private sectors, and makes progress in research, development and application of interdisciplinary management sciences.

Core Values Innovation Pioneering Quality

  1. Provide Design-to-Order and Unique Certificate Programs
  • Short term and elective courses for international executives & students
  • Training courses for Vietnamese leaders, executives and managers in both public  and private sectors.
  1. Design & Implement Unique Degree Programs with copyrights registered
  • MNS: BSc., Ms., PhD. Programs on Management of Non-Traditional Security
  • MOTE: BSc., Ms., PhD. Programs on Management of Technology & Enterprise
  • HSB-MBA conducted in English.
  1. International Cooperation Programs
  • MBM: Ms. in Business Management
  • Certificate Programs


  1. Take part in Research & Outreach Programs:
  • National Technological Innovation Program 2011-2020
  • National S&T Program for Sustainable Development of Northwestern Region of  Vietnam 2013-2020 VNU Transdisciplinary Research Programs
  • International Research Programs with partners
  • Organize international workshops on the issues that matter Vietnam and  enterprises’ security and sustainable development.
  1. HSB Technology, Innovation & Commercialization Programs:
  • Technologies for ensuring water security, environment security, human security…
  • Transferring VNU S&T Research Results to enterprises
  • Connecting technology developers with enterprises and vice versa
  • Cooperating with international partners to transfer technologies to Vietnam’s organizations and enterprises.