A difficult day – 6

•           You have to write a story for your English teacher.

•           Your story must have this title:

A difficult day

•           Write your story in about 100 words on your answer sheet.

Last Monday was a very difficult day for me. I was sleeping in my room in my parents’ house when I heard my mobile ringing. I picked up the telephone and it was my friend and he said: “Please I’m on the road and my car breaks down, please I need your help!”. I got up and I changed my clothes very quickly. After that, I got on my car and drove to the place.

Half an hour later, I found my friend. He had been waiting for me near his car. When I got off my car, I could see the problem. His car was very dirty because the engine had been exploded.

I saw the situation and I said to him: “I’ll call my mechanic and he can help you”. We waited two hours more and then the mechanic arrived. This day was a very difficult day!